Get ready to enjoy this event in a welcoming friendly atmosphere together with hundreds of other dancers.

This is where music, dancing and cultural elements meet!


Music – Dance – Culture – Food

Our events are days in which we would like to give a local, national or even international community a meeting place to be acquainted with the Dominican culture and roots. We bring the best experience with an energetic, very friendly atmosphere and great (inter)national teachers of dance, culture, history, music and more !

We love to share the passion of the Dominican history, versatile culinary kitchen, the traditional Dominican dances, the musical and cultural evolution.




1. Dominican Bachata open level
2. Dominican Bachata Int & Adv
3. The Originals: Merengue, Cha cha cha, Son, Bolero and more...
✨ Alex & Desiree (USA/Dom Rep)
✨ Cat & Blanquito flow (USA/Denmark)
✨ Xiomara & Francisco (Netherlands)
✨ Anna & Alfonso (Germany)
✨ Cristina (Dominican Republic)
✨ Diosa del Flow (England)
✨ Randor & Samantha (Netherlands)
✨ Alice & Miriam (Belgium)
✨ Esmeralda Bachata (Dominican Republic)

✨ Rafael Espinal
✨ More to come

The Originals:
✨ Rodolfo Navarrete, Cha Cha Cha 
✨ Franklin, Son
✨ Rafael, Bolero
✨ Irena Prodanova, Boogaloo
✨ Gaga, Konpa and more
✨ More to come



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